Hundreds Protest Outside London’s Egyptian Embassy

It was great yesterday to see one London street absolutely filled with Egyptians singing bilady, bilady bilady. Many hundreds gathered in front of the Egyptian embassy yesterday united in presenting Morsi with one demand – irhal – leave ! I only saw one pro Morsi supporter turn up and he left on seeing the huge anti-Morsi crowd. It was a hot day (26 degrees) but nothing compared to the high temperatures that protesters have to endure now in Egypt. Everyone shared whatever water and food they had bought. It started promptly at 2pm and there was still a sizeable number present at 4.30 when I left.

And below another video of a child chanting “We won’t give up we gon’t give in until we see our people win. From the Nile to the Sea Egypt Egypt will be free.”



The placard in the photo above reads “Muslims and Christians are one hand. One nation – one people.”


The depiction on the paper shows the Islamic Crescent and the Christian Cross and beneath are written the words “All of us are Egyptians.”


Above: In the foreground a leaflet of Tamarud (Rebel) UK is attached to the crowd barrier and in the background the Egyptian Embassy.

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