Another apparent case of the authorities trying to cover up the death of a man tortured by the police.

Early one morning in January the police in the poor neighbourhood of Imbaba, Cairo, called on the wife of Sameh Ahmed Farag to ask her and the family to come to identify his body. When they arrived they discovered the man’s feet and hands still tied and that he had bruises all over his body and some of his clothes missing. It seems he may have been enquiring about a friend who was held in custody. Yet again the Egyptian authorities appear to be trying to cover up a death through torture at the hands of the police. It seems nothing has changed since the death of Khaled Said in 2010 that sparked the first uprising. Here is an interview with the dead man’s wife and another family member –

Does this video footage show the army firing on police units in Port Said ?

It’s best if you make up your own mind.

The situation in Port Said tonight remains far from clear.  What is certain is that there have been hundreds of casualties.  Only last month Human Rights Watch said that unecessary overreaction of security forces had caused many needless deaths in the city.

The army denied that there were any clashes between the army and police tonight – stating rather that it had opened fire on “unknown elements”.  However this video posted a few minutes ago definitely shows that the protesters believed the army were firing on security forces.

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