Detainees Talk About Sexual Assaults By The Police

In two videos uploaded to youtube in the last week,  detainees try to find the words to tell of the awful things which happened to them.  In a third a child relates what he was unlucky enough to witness.  All this suggesting that sexual violence has become the new norm for arrested protesters.

In the first a man struggles to relate what happened during a TV interview –
24 February 2013 –


In the second during a lengthy and difficult recounting of what happned to him, a man
has to take two retakes in order to describe how he was sexually assaulted –
20 February 2013


And even a 12 year old child has been an unfortunate witness to a sexual assault on two detainees.
Also 20 February 2013 – interview in Arabic – first minute of video transcribed below –


Interviewer: When were you most afraid?
Zeid  (12 years) “When I was in the armoured police truck. In the truck I was afraid they would slit my throat. They said they’d slit my throat and throw me away and no one could help me.”
Mohamed (15 years) “The kids were crying. Only me and another person were wounded. He was hurt much worse, He’d been beaten so badly he couldn’t speak and he died on the road.”
Zeid: “In the truck there were five others. Two of them were sexually assaulted. There was a Christian called Kirollos. When they searched him they found a cross. They wanted to take it and break it in pieces.”
Mohamed “We told the officer a detainee had died. A soldier came in and checked. So we stopped in front of a hospital – I don’t know which one and they dumped him in front of the hospital and drove off with us.”
Khalid (17) “Someone with me died. They’d been kicking him. They had him on the ground and were kicking him. The officer checked his pulse, and they continued kicking him. That was all I saw. I found out later he died.”

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