“Completely Unacceptable.” Arms Committe MP Blows The Whistle On Export of Weapons to Egypt

In a letter just received, a key member of the Select Committee on Arms Exports says the  export of weapons to Egypt is “completely unacceptable” and that she “will campaign in Parliament for this to be stopped.”

Katy Klark, Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran and a key member of Parliament’s Select Committee on Arms Exports, writes

“I share your concerns at the current situation in Egypt and agree that the Government should be taking robust measures to stop the sale of arms from UK companies to repressive regimes.  I believe there is a strong possibility of arms sold to the Egyptian regime being used against their own people and believe it is completely unacceptable that licences for export to Egypt are being granted and I will campaign in Parliament for this to be stopped.”

Commenting on the situation involving tear gas exports by Federal Laboratories (owned by the British multinational BAE Systems)  in the U.S. to Egypt she writes

“In addition there do appear to be loopholes for subsidiary companies based overseas.  I would be happy to look into whether there is any way in which these can be closed.”

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