I need your help for a book !

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has participated in the initial uprising in January 2011 or in any of the subsequent protests or strikes and also people anywhere who have views on the recent events in Egypt.

I’m  hoping to hear from a wide range of people – students, factory workers, journalists, doctors, women, Christians, soldiers, diplomats, artists, anyone unemployed or homeless – in fact just anyone who was either involved in the revolution or subsequent protests or thinks that they were effected by it or indeed perhaps feel that they should have benefited from the revolution whereas in fact perhaps nothing has changed.

I’m a British citizen who has been photographing many of the protests in Egypt from January 2011 until February 2012 when I was arrested, imprisoned for 54 days and then deported (more on this on the My Time in Prison page.)   You can email me at alisdare@gmail.com or contact me on my facebook page – Alisdare Hickson.

Photographs on this website copyright of Alisdare Hickson.

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